Casting Call for Across

Set in 1863, Across is the story of a slave boy’s attempt to escape to freedom with his family.  This 30-minute short is also the first act of a feature film that we hope to complete in 2018.  Shooting July 8 – 15, primarily in Nashville.  Pay is SAG ultra-low budget ($125/day.)

CHARLEY – Bright 11 year old African American slave boy with tons of determination.         (*see details at bottom of page*)

MARTHA – 34 year old pretty African American mom – sharp but nervous

PETER – 35 year old slave and dad.  Tough, bitter, but gentle with his kids

GEORGE – 30, plantation over-seer.  Smooth exterior over cruel heart

MR. ELLIOTT – 50, portly – plantation owner – jovial, a little clueless

MRS. ELLIOTT – 40 prim and proper plantation owner

MEN – various smaller roles for men 18-50

Please send in cover letter expressing your interest, along with headshot and resume.  For child actors, a simple picture and description of any acting interest/experience will suffice.

Send all materials to:

This is the lead role in a film is about a runaway slave. As such, there are some tense situations depicted - mostly regarding running / being chased. A whip is used briefly. Civil War gunfire in one scene. The only foul language is the use of the "N" word (which can be done when child actors are not present.) The shoot is a week-long in which this child would be in MOST scenes. We are possibly going to do a SAG ultra-low budget production. If not, we will be following SAG guidelines for child actors and follow all legal requirements for child actors. Most scenes are outdoors or in historical buildings. Child who can swim preferred. We need a mature young man aged 9-13 who can handle a good bit of dialogue. Parent/Guardian is expected to be present at all times. Shoot dates are likely to be July 8-15.