Crew Needed for Short Film

Looking for Talented/Flexible Filmmakers in Nashville for July 8-15 Shoot

Current positions open:

Gaffer, Sound Recordist, Key Grip, Wardrobe, Make-up/Hair, Art Director/Props, Drone camera, Production Assistants (looking to make most of our P.A.'s department specific so they can learn a skill.)

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Yes, we are a low-budget short...  Then again, we are a little different.  We have a unique property in this script: Not only is this short a stand-alone true story, but it is also the first act of a feature film.

So, we are shooting those first 30 minutes this summer.  Then, we will use the short to gain an investor to finish the feature in 2018.

Even though the crew will be paid a low rate on the short, the remainder of their full industry day-rate will be deferred into the budget of the feature - as a condition of the feature being made.  We've all heard of "deferred" pay movies and know how slim the chances are of that payment ever being made - especially in shorts, which so rarely make a profit.  Our project is unique in that we will be contracted with every crew member to pay them a full/generous day rate when we greenlight the feature.  So - in other words - on the first day of principal photography of the feature, all short crew members are due their full rate - regardless of whether they work on the feature or not.

We feel we have a really good shot at getting the whole film done because of the niche our story occupies in both the African American and Christian markets.  It is a tale that should inspire not only audiences, but also investors.

We are also hoping talented crew members are interested because of the themes and the genre.  Period films look great on your reel.  And it doesn't hurt that Across is a true story about a true pioneer in civil rights.  We are crazy about this story because it is about hope and love overcoming physical and prejudicial boundaries - about the triumph of a true underdog who was truly a man before his time.

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