Bolder Pictures makes capturing your life on DVD a fun experience. We do all the professional video work for you. All you need to bring to the table are your memories and your photos.

This is the preparation for the actual video recording. We will talk to the family members and get a general idea of the life story of our ‘Hero’ - the subject of the video. This is the time that we collect photos and home movies that will be included in the video production. A time for the on-camera interview will be set-up. If you have chosen the Millennium Package, we will also plan the event or party that will be recorded for use in the video.


Production is the actual filming of the video. The most important part of the video is our interview with the Hero. Generally, we film in their home, and pick a spot that is comfortable and familiar for them. We set up lights and camera and then place a small microphone on the Hero.

The Interview - since it literally covers a lifetime of material - averages 4 to 5 hours. Usually, we split up that time with a few breaks or a lunch. A Bolder team-member can ask the interview questions or a family member can do it with our guidance. The whole experience is laid-back and fun. There are no mistakes because you can re-say any part of your story and edit out whatever you don’t like later.

If you have selected the Millennium Package, we will also record your event or party honoring the Hero. In addition to capturing the event, we interview the people attending the party about their memories of the Hero. Generally, the party is a separate day from
the main interview.


This stage is mostly just a waiting period for the Hero and their family. We will be busy editing the video, adding graphics and pictures, and putting a rough draft of your DVD together. When the rough draft is done, the family can view it and suggest
changes for the final draft.