Why Make A Legacy Video?

The name ‘Legacy Video’ says it all. This is a chance to tell your life story in your words - to record your memories for yourself, your spouse, your children and all your family members and friends. Many do Legacy Videos for future generations and for their grandchildren who are too young to appreciate their ancestry yet.
Just as important is to have the story told in YOUR VOICE. We want to put you on camera, so your personality shines through to all who watch the video. When we add your old photos and home movies to the final video, you then have a presentation of your entire story over the years.

At Bolder Pictures, our philosophy is to celebrate your life NOW, before too much time passes to make it possible. Many of our clients like to have a party for the ‘Hero’ of the video. Some do that as an event to include IN the video, while others throw a ‘Video Premiere’ party when the DVD is completed. We like to think of it as an episode of A&E’s Biography - about YOU!

“I’m so glad Frank and I
arranged his Legacy Video
when we did. Now, even
though he’s gone, I can still
introduce him to his grandchildren
who were too young
to remember him.”

-Martha, Bolder Customer