Stubborn Creek


A 12-year-old boy faces down one of the South’s most ruthless generals when his small town comes under siege.

After a series of civilian attacks on Confederate railroads in the Smoky Mountains, Brigadier General Darius Ramsey arrives in the tiny Union village of Stubborn Creek to exact revenge. He gives the citizens three days to pay for the damages or face the burning of their town.

Twelve-year-old Mo Forsythe organizes his friends - their fathers all serving in Virginia - to resist the occupation. Their resistance amounts to little more than pranks. When Mo is caught, Ramsey disciplines him but then takes him under his wing as a protegé. Mo’s double-dealing with the Confederates threatens his friendships, his farm, and the family secret: their sod-house is a station on the Underground Railroad.

As the deadline for the town nears, Mo learns what Ramsey’s real mission is in Stubborn Creek. Mo must decide how much he will risk to protect his town and help stop the Confederacy’s most ambitious offensive of the war.


Stubborn Creek was a quarterfinalist in the Motion Picture Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship Competition. It was optioned and in development with Origin Entertainment until recently, when the rights reverted to Screenwriter Christopher Foley at Bolder Pictures. Foley has also won 1st Place screenwriting awards at Worldfest and placed in numerous other competitions including: Project Greenlight, Chesterfield, and Writer’s Network. Additionally, he has sold two scripts to independent producers.