Bolder Pictures preserves your personal history for your loved ones to treasure for generations. We will arrange and shoot a professional video where you tell your life story in YOUR words.

Using your collected pictures, keepsakes and home movies in conjunction with our interview, we will create a broadcast quality DVD or Blu-ray so you will never be forgotten.

Each disc is professionally edited, using period music and broadcast graphics and DVD menus. We will even design a decorative box and disc image so your DVD will look like it came right from Hollywood.

Bolder consults with the family at every step of the production, so your Legacy DVD or Blu-ray is exactly how you want it.

Every day, grieving families spend thousands and thousands of dollars to bury their loved ones. BEFORE THAT HAPPENS, why not spend a fraction of that so you can always REMEMBER them?

A DVD Menu from a Bolder Legacy Video

A DVD Menu from a Bolder Legacy Video